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Vratsa Symphony

Симфониета - Враца / държавен културен институт

3 days ago

Vratsa Symphony
Честит рожден ден! 🍀🎉🎈Днес празнуваме рожден ден с цигуларката Дефне Сомнез. В неделя, новата си житейска година започна диригентът Никола Петров. Поздравяваме от сърце рождениците и им желаем много щастие, вдъхновение и сбъднати мечти! 🌹🥂🎊 ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Vratsa Symphony
Аплодисменти за всички на сцената и в залата тази вечер! Очакваме ви в сряда, 22.05 от 19.00ч. Билети на касата в "Гъбката" и в залата преди концерта. ... See MoreSee Less
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About us

Vratsa Symphony further develops the accomplishments and cultural landmarks pioneered by numerous talented musicians in Vratsa and Bulgaria in general. The philharmonic orchestra was established in 1973 succeeding the much older opera orchestra founded in Vratsa, early 1909. Our repertoire includes pieces various classical genres and styles going back as early as the baroque era leading to present day composers. Bulgarian music is especially cherished in Vratsa Symphony Orchestra with hundreds of performances every year featuring gifted young composers alongside renowned classical composers. Many choral works have been performed in association with the top choirs of Bulgaria. We are happy to perform on a regular basic with world renowned soloist and conductors such as Anne Nagl (AU), Malcolm Yuen (GB), Mark Kadin (RU) to name a few. Some of our family-type concert programs enjoy widespread popularity in Bulgaria and the orchestra is often touring the country.


We are saying goodbye to the spectacular 2022 year, filled with lots of happy musical emotions, challenges and success! We had the opportunity to share it with all of you, Our fans, here in Vratsa and all of Bulgaria. ✨

An unforgettable evening filled with fabulous emotions, talent and beauty! Thank you everyone for the magic! 🌲🎁🌟 Happy holidays!

Happy Birthday! 🎊🎈🎁 Today's birthday is the conductor Momchil Tomov. May he be healthy and happy! We wish him a lot of happiness, success and fulfilled dreams from the bottom of our hearts!

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